Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Decision support tool 

“MahaOne Digital Database”


A meeting was held at MRSAC, Nagpur under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Chief Minister on “Use of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for decision support – Mahaone digital database” on 30.5.2015 at 5.00 p.m. The following officials were invited to participate in the meeting:

  1. The Additional Chief Secretary, IT, Mantralaya, Mumbai
  2. The Principal Secretary, UDD-1, Mantralaya, Mumbai
  3. The Secretary, Forest, Mantralaya, Mumbai
  4. The Divisional Commissioner, Nagpur
  5. Special DIG, Anti-Naxal Operation, Nagpur
  6. The Commissioner, NMC, Nagpur
  7. The Collector, Nagpur
  8. The Police Commissioner, Nagpur
  9. The General Manager, RRSC-NRSC Dept. Of Space, Nagpur   


  1. Hon’ble Shri Devendraji Fadnavis, Chief Minister, Maharashtra State
  2. Hon’ble Shri Deepak Vasant Kesarkar, Minister of State for Finance Planning and Rural  Development
  3. Shri Praveen Pardesi, Principal Secretary, CM Office
  4. Shri KaustubhDhawase, OSD, CM Office
  5. Special DIG, Anti-Naxal Operation, Nagpur
  6. The Commissioner, NMC, Nagpur
  7. Shri SachinKurvey,  Collector, Nagpur
  8. Shri S.P. Yadav,  Police Commissioner, Nagpur
  9. Dr. Subrata N. Das, Director, MRSAC, Nagpur
  10. Dr. G. Sreenivasan, General Manager, RRSC-NRSC Dept. Of Space, Nagpur
  11. Shri S.K. Jha, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Nagpur
  12. Shri V.M. Ghare, Head and Resources Scientist, MRSAC Mumbai Branch Office, Mumbai
  13. Dr. S.A. Patil, Head and Resources Scientist, MRSAC Branch Office, Pune
  14. MRSAC Staff members.


At the outset, Dr. Subrata N. Das, Director, MRSAC welcomed Hon’ble Shri Devendraji Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Deepak Vasant Kesarkar, Hon’ble Minister of State for Planning, Finance and Rural Development and other officials present in the meeting.

Dr. Subrata N. Das, Director, MRSAC gave a technical presentation on the various project executed by MRSAC as well as mobile applications developed at MRSAC, Nagpur to capture and integrate data on Web. The Director, MRSAC informed in the meeting that MRSAC is doing activities for most of the departments of the Government of Maharashtra and in the recent past, MRSAC has signed 7-8 MOUs with the Departments of Government of Maharashtra for carrying out the satellite Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) based activities.

The Director, MRSAC emphasized that the present base for database creation is 2.5 m satellite image. Taking into consideration the requirement of large scale data by various departments for planning, implementation and monitoring; better resolution satellite image of 0.5 m needs to be prepared. This base data will be utilized by the various core departments viz. Land records, Agriculture, Irrigation, Water Resources, Urban, Mining, Transport and Disaster Management. The Director gave a brief account of the projects carried out at MRSAC with these core departments and viewed the future possibilities of use of RS & GIS technologies in ‘Ease of doing work’ by the Departments.

The Director, MRSAC also mentioned that there is huge amount of analog (paper) and digital data available with the Government departments, but due to non-availability of data sharing policy, it is different to acquire and use it in effective manner. In view of this, Planning Department is formulating a “Maharashtra Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy” for all department and stated that it will be placed for approval in couple of months.

During the presentation, the Hon’ble Chief Minister desired to view sub-basin/ watershed wise areas and completed Jalyukt Shivar works in different parts of Maharashtra. The matter relating to automatic water level monitoring on Web for drinking water sources was also discussed in the meeting.  He has also express desire to publish weather related information at all Gram Panchayat Offices in the State.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister also desired that mapping using satellite data needs to be done to have change detection assessment relating to encroachment. Such mapping should be done every three months and changes be brought to the notice of the concern authority. The Hon’ble Chief Minister also advised that through satellite images, ongoing construction activities in the municipal area may be carried out. This will enable us to identify the construction being carried out with sanctioned map or not.  Such data can be made available to Corporations/ councils and if the sanction is not taken then action can be taken defaulters. Initially on pilot basis, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur can be taken-up for such studies with the best available satellite resolution (30 cm). The Hon’ble Chief Minister enquired about finding out the number of houses through RS&GIS techniques. If such critical information is provided, same can be used by Municipal Corporation for increase in property tax collection.

At the end on presentation and meeting on “Mahaone digital database”, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has principally agreed on the projected activities and stated that MRSAC will be a Nodal Agency for carrying out such activities. The Hon’ble Chief Minister further instructed to submit a note through Planning Department for approval and issuance of necessary GR in this regard.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.