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About Us

Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre (M.R.S.A.C) was established in September 1988 at Nagpur as an autonomous Organization under the administrative control of Department of Planning, Government of Maharashtra. 

MRSAC is involved in mapping and monitoring of Natural Resources for its better managment. With full support of Govt. of Maharashtra, MRSAC is recognized as a premier institution to offer benefits of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Technologies to the State. With its experience about more than two decades MRSAC has promoted technology to Government departments and academic institutions for various applications. 

The application areas include Soil and Water Conservation, Ground Water Potential, Forest and Biodiversity studies, Crop Acreage Estimation, Watershed Development and Monitoring, Coastal Studies, Urban Development, etc. Apart from the applications, MRSAC is also pioneer in providing software solutions in Geo-spatial domain and has developed information / decision support systems. The centre is making sincere efforts for perseverance of natural resources of the State by providing innovative and effective solutions to natural resources management challenges. MRSAC is striving to make effective use of Remote Sensing & GIS technologies for achieving twin targets of meeting the demands of increasing population and maintaining ecosystem balance by way of creating data warehouse and information dissemination.

With the sound foundation of multi-scale databases and its Web Geo-portal MRSAC is committed to help the state to achieve e-Governance.