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MRSAC has carried out Remote sensing and GIS projects of National and State level. The most important projects are as follows

  • Creation of Seamless Cadastral Database of entire Maharashtra State at 1:5000 scale
  • Creation of Large Scale Data base for all the corporations & councils at 1:500 scale
  • Development of Decision Support Systems
    • Civic Information System
    • Non-agriculture Permission
    • Police Information system
  • Development of Disaster Management Information System
  • Natural Resources mapping at 1:50,000 scale for 19 thematic layers.
  • National Land Use Land Cover Mapping using Multi-temporal Satellite Data (2005-06)
  • National Wastelands Monitoring using Multi-temporal Satellite Data (2005-06)
  • National Wastelands Change Analysis (2006-09)
  • National Wetland Inventory and Assessment (NWIA)
  • National Urban Information System (NUIS)
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission - Groundwater prospect mapping
  • Mangrove Mapping – Mumbai and Sub-urban
  • Mapping of Health Services in Maharashtra.
  • Mapping of Schools in Maharashtra.
  • Mapping of Hilly areas – Blocks and Sub-Blocks in Maharashtra
  • Development of Web portal for Maharashtra.