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Mobile Applications

Design and development of Field data collection system for IWMP by using Remote                                      sensing, GIS and Android OS 2.3 
Quantum 214 GSDA Watersheds
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National Wetland Inventory and Assessment (NWIA)

Realising the importance of  wetlands that dot the Indian landscape,  an inventory of wetlands on 1:50,000 scale is essential. The main objectives of the project are: To map the wetlands of all districts of the State on 1:50,000 scale using two date (pre and post monsoon)  IRS 1C/ 1D  LISS –III satellite data following a standard wetland classification system To map the pre amd post monsoon waterspread To map the pre and post monsoon aquatic vegetation...
Quantum 33 Districts
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National Land Use Land Cover Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data For Year 2005

The main objectives  outlined in the project are: To generate land use/ land cover data base for the period 2005-2006 using three seasons (kharif, rabi & zaid) IRS P6, LISS-III satellite data and repeat the exercise at every 5 year interval. To create digital data base based on standard codification and integration with base details and to generate seamless digital data at district/state/national level. To provide a state wise land use report for the whole country with...

Digitization and Geo-referencing of Village-wise Soil Maps in GIS Environment

Considering the pitiable  conditions of these maps, SSST wing of Agriculture Department has decided to utilize the advanced techniques of remote sensing and  GIS to preserve this database by bringing them on to a common platform and also by updating with a schema of standardized legend. The work of digitization and geo-referencing is, therefore, entrusted to Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre, Nagpur. Project is conceived with following objectives: Scanning of existing...

Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Sericulture

The main objectives are to identify additional potential sites for the development of silkworm food plants for mulberry sericulture in the non-traditional sericulture State like Maharashtra. The proposed areas  are  Jalna, Beed, Latur, Parbhani, Pune, Nagpur and Satara districts.