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Crop Damage Assessment


Satellite remote sensing is efficiently put to use for crop damage assessment in Maharashtra State on case-to-case basis from last five years in collaboration with State Agriculture Department, especially in mono-cropping areas.  Crop damage studies are carried out for agricultural crops by comparing pre and post events satellite images to arrive at qualitative assessment. Homogeneous crop areas can be easily picked up by visible and infrared bands of electromagnetic spectrum used in the sensors attached to these satellite are recorded as a smooth pattern on satellite data, which facilitate the rapid and accurate enumeration of crop acreage and crop damage.


These activities are referred by Dept of Planning, Govt of Maharashtra to MRSAC, to ascertain the crop damage caused due to untimely / un-seasonal heavy rains and / or hail storm in Maharashtra. The multi-temporal satellite image of pre and post events are ideally suited for crop damage assessment. Severe hailstorm and untimely rains / heavy rains often hits the various districts of state, causing damages to the standing crops. Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre (MRSAC), Nagpur, has analyzed the crop damage by using pre-post satellite images of the events and generated the village-wise crop damage extent by overlaying the geo-referenced cadastral maps on the satellite image. The inputs thus, generated on extent of crop damage in the village using multi-temporal satellite images, against the quantum of damage reported by the concerned authority, facilitate to assess and ascertain the extent and severity of crop damage. Geo-referenced cadastral map overlay helps in extraction of parcel level information for devising a compensation package and / or to provide a financial assistance. Based on these analyses, Govt.  has distributed the financial aid to the affected farmers.

  • Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Department of Planning , Govt. of Maharashtra
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Crop damage assessment due to hailstorm
Monitoring of Thunder storm from Meteosat 7