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Delineation / Identification of Hilly Blocks and Hilly Sub-blocks under HADP for Maharashtra State


To evolve plans and programmes which would stimulate socio-economic growth, development of infrastructure and promotion of ecology of the areas covered by HADP.

Conventional inputs used for the project:

Survey of India Toposheets, Contour data, Slope maps and Geomorphology maps


The increasing population pressures  in the hilly areas and the need to preserve their fragile ecology ha prompted the Central Government to  allocate Special Central Assistance to these areas through the Hilly Areas Development Programme since Fifth Five Year Plan. Under these programmes, Special Central Assistance is given to designated hill areas in order to supplement the efforts of the State Governments in the development of these ecologically fragile areas.

At the instance of Planning Department, Government of Maharashtra, a study was undertaken by MRSAC to identify Hilly Blocks and Hilly Sub-Blocks in Maharashtra State. Planning Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, vide G.R.No. Donvika 1089/pra 66/yojna-19 dated 23-11-1990, took up the programme to assess the hilly areas in the state and implement the development work in those areas.


As a first step, the contour configuration of Survey of India (SOI) topographical maps on 1:50,000 scale for the tahsil area are studied for identifying various topographical features. This is  followed by the delineation of various categories of slope. The areas having slopes of more than 30% have been designated as areas forming the core, whereas the side slope category between 17% to 30% are marked as extended part of hill features.

Criteria for Designated Hilly Areas:

As per the Cabinet Sub-Committee, Government of Maharashtra, the guidelines for delineation of hilly areas are as follows :

1. The  geographical area must satisfy two conditions to qualify as hilly area namely,

a. It should contain an area with average slope of 30% or more (i.e. equivalent to 17 degree slope), which may be designated as core

b. Relative relief of 300 meters or more

2. The entire geographical area comprising the core and its geographical extension  with a slope of less than 30% (17 degree) but more than17% (10 degree) may be  accepted   as part of hill feature for the purpose of delineation of hilly areas.

3. A hill feature covering a geographical area of 100 sq.km. or more may be designated as hill area (It is expected that there should be only one compact hill    feature of 100 sq.km.)

4. If the hilly area in a block accounts for 50% or more of its geographical area, the  entire block may be designated as hilly block

5. If the hill area in a block accounts for less than 50% of its geographical area, but  forms part of compact hill feature of 100 sq.km. or more, it may be treated as hilly   sub-block

  • Planning Commission, Government of India,
  • Department of Planning, Government of Maharashtra.
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Hilly Area Development Project
Hilly Area Development Project