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Road Information System (RIS)


The objectives of RIS project execution are as follows:

  1. Rectification  of  high  resolution satellite IRS-1C and IRS-1D PAN data covering entire Maharashtra state.
  2. Updation of  road network  of   Maharashtra  State on  1:50,000 scale using  high resolution satellite images.
  3. Feature coding (classification) of spatial data set (roads) as per PWD guidelines.
  4. Kilometer wise segmentation  of  updated  road network in respect of  National Highway (NH),  Major State Highway (MSH), State Highway (SH) and Major District Roads (MDR).

The road network is ideally the lifeline of any country and the parameter to its development. The roads shown on the toposheet are surveyed during the seventies and ,hence, there is an urgent need for updation of the network map. Also the satellite data provides for the synoptic view for the updation and the alignment of these roads. A project is  taken up by MRSAC for the updation of the road network and creation of a complete comprehensive database with the kilometer wise chainage information with all attributes.

Conventional inputs used for the project:

  • Survey of India toposheets on 1:50,000  scale
  • District and Taluka wise PWD Road Development Plan 1981-2001. 

Satellite Data used:

IRS-1C and IRS-1D PAN data with spatial resolution of 5.8 meter acquired in the year 1998-99.


The existing digital data set on road network of the state created by  MRSAC on 1:50,000  Scale 

  1. Updation  of existing road network with high resolution satellite data.
  2. Spatial Database creation, classification and segmentation plan under GIS environment.

MRSAC is  registered with satellite data The satellite data archived at  MRSAC is  utilized for this purpose. The satellite data chosen for this activity is IRS 1C/1D PAN data of Feb./March  1999.  The image entropy is  enhanced  by  using Image processing  to highlight the road network. As an  initial step, incorporation of the new roads and updation of existing digital  database is  carried out using heads-up digitization with the backdrop of  satellite image. The geographic coordinates of the kilometer wise segment  preferably for every five Km., section of the road (Point data  of milestone) provided by PWD/CDAC  is  incorporated into the database for segmentation  of the road network.  This activity is followed by feature coding, segmentation of road into one Kilometer (Dynamic Segmentation) using GIS  software for National Highways, Major State Highways,  State Highways and Major District  roads. All the activities planned under this project is  carried out on  Toposheet basis. The administrative division of the PWD is  overlaid on Toposheet  wise database.

  • Public works department, Government of Maharashtra
  • National Highway Authority of India
  • Tourism
  • State organizations like MIDC, CIDCO, HUDCO
Quantum of work: 
Project Photographs: 
Dynamic Segmentation
Road Information Sytem
Road Network 2001 Of Nagpur District