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GIS based District Administration Support System (DASS) to grant permission for Non-Agriculture (NA) purpose


Effective utilization of Geo-informatics technology in implementation of e-governance objectives of the state. 



Decision Support Systems (DSS) is a well-established area of information system’s (IS) application.  The aim is to help the decision maker take proper decision. Definitions of DSS also emphasize, the need to support semi-structured and unstructured decisions along with  interfaces, database and model components are usually required to fully support decisions.

The system is developed to address the challenging scenario of decision making in the modern day-to-day functioning of the state administration. E-governance is the solution for the fast pace at which decisions are required to be taken and conclusions arrived. Also, an unbiased tool is required to guide the decision making process. RS & GIS is the technology, which serves, as eye in the sky, and its utilization for the district administrators is made possible by easy to operate graphical user interface under the District Administration Support System, which is developed for different specific modules.

The system is developed with the objective to benefit people in getting transparent and fast decisions using Spatial Information technology and software. The objective of this system is to run intensive queries against databases in order to analyze information for reporting purposes. These queries are best supported by existing and established rules of the state government. DSS queries run against databases using the various set of computer-oriented tools in GIS environment designed to assist decision makers in making decisions. 



Increasing pressure of land resources due to rapid urbanization has resulted in unplanned settlement in urban areas that authority has found difficult to address. To overcome the bottlenecks, problems faced by different stakeholders in the conventional approach, minimize human interaction and interference, and to provide the improved quality of services, the GIS based decision support system to grant permission for non-agriculture permission has been developed.

            The strategy adopted to overcome key issues and challenges include the process of information generation, both spatial and non-spatial, updation of database, standardization and dissemination of information pertaining to conversion of land usage.

            Development of efficient and effective procedure of granting NA permission through a series of discussions with the officials of different departments involved in decision-making has been done and module developed.

            The NA permission module developed in GIS environment using ARC object / visual basic application (VBA) deals with the cases of granting non-agriculture clearance as per the set of government rules and guidelines.


Project Deliverables: 


Customised Software using Arcmap 9.1/9.2 with NA PERMISSION module



  • Citizens
  • Different stakeholders of the State Government
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Municipal Councils
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