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Geoportal - Comprehensive gateway to spatial database



  • To create a central repository of GIS assets with MRSAC as Nodal Centre.
  • To develop graphic rich integrated information system / geo-portal with sector specific requirements.
  • To create Web services of various databases so that these could be used by various departments for consuming these Web services in their own applications.
  • To minimize the physical supply of databases to the users and create an easy access through the Web to avoid data duplication and inconsistency at various departments.
  • To create inventory of government assets using innovative GIS technologies through centralized Web server.



MRSAC under the aegis of Department of Planning, Govt. of Maharashtra, established in 1988, aiming to cater the RS & GIS needs of the state.   Over the years, centre has generated huge wealth of natural resources database in different spatial and temporal domain. Information on land resources, agriculture, soil, water, ground water potential, infrastructure etc, have extracted from multi-resolution remote sensing images carried out under various state and national missions. Today, centre has surpassed the stage of mere database generation by accomplishing a massive task of geo-referencing over 44,000 villages of the State and thus creating voluminous database on natural resources for diversified user communities focusing to rural user group. In its indefatigable stride, the center tries to ensures perseverance and conservation of depleting natural resources by offering innovative, effective and optimal solutions by blending RS and GIS technologies with already available know how with the State. With the revolutionary change in IT, MRSAC has experienced the tide of technology advancement for more than two decades in the field of natural resources survey and mapping. The modern day MRSAC has refocused its mission to include the management and dissemination of digital spatial databases and geographical information.

 In the era where Web technology has matured with high speed Internet connectivity, MRSAC felt it is the right time to deliver its geo-spatial data wealth through a sophisticated one-stop-counter service for the efficient dissemination of all its assets generated over the years to the line department and public. This was translated in the form of developing the so-called “MRSAC Geo-portal”, which was a novel initiative in the line of e/g-governance; provide a more efficient and public-oriented dissemination system.

With this project, MRSAC intends to garner line department as a partner in its endeavor of information dissemination. MRSAC envisages a vision towards penetrating RS/GIS and allied space enabled technologies to the ultimate user at the base, and also to make him accountable by making him the integral part of State's development and prosperity and thus, making a society called information society. 


Geoportal has been developed in Flex environment using GIS webservices.

Project Deliverables: 

The Geoportal can be accessed using following url :


Presently line departments have been given the access using secured login and password created by MRSAC. The persons/departments who are interested in viewing the geoportal are requested to send an email to MRSAC at info@mrsac.maharashtra.gov.in for creation of login and password.

  • All line departments (Agriculture, Irrigation, Forest, RDD, PWD, GSDA, CGWB, Land Records, Municipal Corportations & Councils, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries etc......)
  • Decision Makers (Secretaries, Commissioners, Collectors etc.......)
  • Academic Institutions
  • General Citizens


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MRSAC Geoportal
Hon' Chief Minister of Maharashtra Inaugurating the Geoportal