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सुविधा व बळ (सामर्थ्य)

मराठी अनुवाद लौकरच ......

Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre has latest State of the Art Computer Facility for working in the area of Remote Sensing - Digital Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Image Analysis & GIS Facilities

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The centre has high end Workstations, Blade servers, SAN, NAS, Scanners, Printer and Plotters, Gigabit Switches, Router, Firewall , GPS instruments and Internet Lease Line.

The latest software for Web Applications servers, Desktop Image processing, Desktop GIS software, RDBMS are available with MRSAC to storage, Analysis / Query and Dissemination of Geospatial database.

With above setup, the Centre is fully equipped to carry out State and National Level projects.

The Centre is also connected with the Mantralaya, Government of Maharashtra, All District Collectors and Commissioner through VSAT and MahaWAN


The MRSAC is aptly demonstrating use of Geo-portal for view and analysis Geo-spatial  information over internet.

Development of Natural resources Geo-spatial database, Administrative setup database on varied scales using latest Satellite and ancillary data as well as Development of Customized software for Geo-spatial database dissemination / query / analysis are the main strengths of the Centre