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GIS Customization

GIS based District Administration Support System (DASS) to grant permission for Non-Agriculture (NA

Effective utilization of Geo-informatics technology in implementation of e-governance objectives of the state. 
Quantum 1

Civic Information System (CIS)

  To develop Civic Information System for the administrative functioning of corporations using GIS and remote sensing techniques.   Conventional Inputs Used For The Project: 1. Maps of city survey department. 2. Maps of corporation zones, prabhags, wards etc 3. Maps of Development Plan, basemaps of  rail, bridges, roads, octrai-naka,  contours, drainage,           vegetation, overhead water tanks, parks and grounds, hospitals, libraries, cinema halls...

Disaster Management Information System (DMIS)

         To overcome limitation of existing system.          Effective utilizations of natural resources database in event of                       disaster.          Building decision support system for better district administration          Providing vital information related to pre-disaster and post-disaster at...

Geoportal - Comprehensive gateway to spatial database

  To create a central repository of GIS assets with MRSAC as Nodal Centre. To develop graphic rich integrated information system / geo-portal with sector specific requirements. To create Web services of various databases so that these could be used by various departments for consuming these Web services in their own applications. To minimize the physical supply of databases to the users and create an easy access through the Web to avoid data duplication and inconsistency at...