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High Resolution data base mapping

Coastal Zone Mapping and Monitoring

    Mapping & Monitoring the Coastal Zone Vital /Critical Habitats - Mangroves             Monitoring of the entire Indian coast at 1:25,000 scale, at an initial interval of ten years ( database already available through earlier mapping is of 1990-93, hence inventory taken up  shows the condition of ten years - using 2002/2003 data).  Later on  mapping and regular monitoring is proposed to be done at  five years interval (...
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National Urban Information System (NUIS)

1. Develop spatial database and non-spatial (attribute) database for various levels of planning and decision support to meet requirements of urban planning and management and governance. Enabling preparation of urban plans to meet the requirement of different levels of urban planning. Creating a database at Urban Local Body (ULB) level for monitoring and management. Use modern data sources such as Satellite and Aerial platforms to generate a comprehensive 3-tier hierarchical GIS...
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Creation of Large Scale Database (CLSD)

Digitisation and geo-referencing of city cadastral maps and preparation of urban land use map (feature extraction) for all the councils/corporations of Maharashtra State.

Geo-referencing of Village Map Project (GVMP)

Digitization and Geo-referencing of Village (Cadastral) Maps for effective utilization of natural resources and socio-economic database for planning, implementation and monitoring / impact assessment of various development activities.