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Watershed Information System (WIS)


The prime objective of this information system is the utilization of  remote sensing and GIS technologies for the management and monitoring of watershed development activities in the state with following aspects:

  • Watershed selection based on priority
  • Resources map for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) with action plan
  • Watershed Monitoring and
  • Impact Assessment 


The ultimate goal of watershed management is to achieve and maintain a balance between resources development to increase the welfare of the population and resource conservation to safeguard resources for future needs and to maintain ecological diversity. As specifically mentioned in common guidelines for watershed development projects 2008, special efforts are to be made to utilize the information technology and remote sensing inputs in planning, monitoring and evaluation of the watershed programme through scientific planning.





Methodology of this project covers two aspects. One is input for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and the other is impact assessment on completion of  watershed project implementation activities.

Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) 

DPR preparation is a crucial activity for an identified watershed project area. The technical inputs in the form of resources maps overlaid with cadastral maps have to be made available to  local level Project Implementing Agency (PIA).


The preparation of watershed development action plan is a joint activity of MRSAC and PIA. The steps involved are : 

1.      Transformation  of thematic information on to the cadastral level on 1:10,000 to 1:20,000 scale based on moderate to high resolution satellite data and geo-referenced village map data.

2.      Integration of thematic layers with socio-economic data for classification of area  into specific composite  land units on cadastral level.

3.      Preparation of appropriate action plan based on potential of composite land units and developmental needs of study area in consultation with PIA officials.

4.      Field visit to validate the recommended measures with respect to the ground situation and requirement of the local people.

5.      Finalization of development plans based on field observation jointly with PIA investigating agency.


MRSAC provides following thematic maps along with land and water resources development plans as input for DPR preparation.


  1. Base map comprises of parcel boundary with number, drainage & roads (Implementing agency provide information on existing [already completed] soil & water conservation structures, forest land, community land and plantation if any on this base map)
  2. Landuse / land cover map
  3. Groundwater potential map
  4. Soil map - depth, texture, erosion and land capability
  5. Slope map
  6. Satellite mage printout
  7. Water resources development plan
  8. Land  resources development plan

Impact Assessment Of Watershed Program :


The visible impact of the watershed program are as follows :

Ø      Increase in vegetation/biomass

Ø      More number of surface water bodies

Ø      Shift from annual crop to perennial

Ø      Increase in the extent of crop area

Ø      Improvement in the soil moisture availability

Ø      Reclamation of waste lands

Ø      Accountability in watershed program implementation






Project Deliverables: 


Watershed Information System will ensure  that there is no  duplication of work any where in the State. Central Government and Government of Maharashtra envisages proper implementation of programs on the ground with the adoption of  scientific approach in watershed development and  management. Till October 2010, resources maps and action plans are  generated for watersheds covering about 3100 villages in the State under various programs like IWMP, DPAP, Hariyali, Western Ghat development program etc. 



Centralised data warehouse to ensure efficient coordination of the entire  watershed development task through customised  graphic user interface (GUI) for watershed applications,  customised queries & presentations could be taken up in future. Impact assessment  of all watershed programs implemented  in the State using high resolution satellite data need to be carried out on continuous basis.


The major beneficiaries are central and state government departments and NGO's.

State Government

Ø      Planning Department

Ø      Water Conservation Department

Ø      Water supply Department

Ø      Rural Development Department

Ø      Water Resources Department

Ø      Agriculture Department

Ø      Social Forestry

Ø      Forest Department

Ø      GSDA

Quantum of work: 
Results and Project Outputs: 
Results and Project Outputs: 
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Results and Project Outputs: 
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Project Photographs: 
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