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GIS Customization

GIS based District Administration Support System (DASS) to grant permission for Non-Agriculture (NA...

Effective utilization of Geo-informatics technology in implementation of e-governance objectives of the state. 

Quantum 1

Civic Information System (CIS)


To develop Civic Information System for the administrative functioning of corporations using GIS and remote sensing techniques.


Conventional Inputs Used For The Project:

1. Maps of city survey department.


Disaster Management Information System (DMIS)

  •          To overcome limitation of existing system.
  •          Effective utilizations of natural resources database in event of
  • ...

Geoportal - Comprehensive gateway to spatial database


  • To create a central repository of GIS assets with MRSAC as Nodal Centre.
  • To develop graphic rich integrated information system / geo-portal with sector specific requirements.
  • ...