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Creation of Large Scale Database (CLSD)


Digitisation and geo-referencing of city cadastral maps and preparation of urban land use map (feature extraction) for all the councils/corporations of Maharashtra State.


Maharashtra State has Urban Local Bodies ( LUB) consists 22 corporations and 225 councils with 35,000 city survey sheets.The city survey sheets for the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) are prepared and maintained by Land Records Department. These maps were prepared long back on different scales and stored in paper print format. Preservation and easy access and sharing are the issues faced by ULB, specifically for Urban Land Management. With the latest advancement in Remote Sensing techniques and availability of High Resolution Satellite data, it is now possible to mosaic individual sheets of ULB and geo-reference it with high resolution satellite data of 60 cm spatial resolution. Such digital dataset of City Survey would form a basic input for infrastructure development in Urban Land Management.The brief methodology of the project is as follows-

  •  Procurement of City Survey maps / sheets from Land Records
  •  Scanning Sheets and Scanning Accuracy Assessment
  •  Creation of ULB wise Grid
  •  Rubber sheet transformation of Scan sheets into Grid
  •  Digitisation / Vectorisation of City survey sheets, as per standards, in CAD environment· 


Geo-correlation of City survey sheet is Satellite data to create Geo-mosaic of city survey sheets in a ULB· Edge matching and Mosaic of digital city survey database and its conversion from CAD to GIS files – Shape, GeodatabaseExtraction of Land use / Land cover Feature from High resolution satellite data of Quick Bird


Project Deliverables: 

Geo-referenced Digital database of 22 Corporations and 247 Councils and Landuse / Land cover using Feature extraction from High resolution satellite data.

  • Urban Local Bodies, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Town Planning and Valuation Department
  • Land Record Department
  • Environment Department


Quantum of work: