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Geo-referencing of Village Map Project (GVMP)


Digitization and Geo-referencing of Village (Cadastral) Maps for effective utilization of natural resources and socio-economic database for planning, implementation and monitoring / impact assessment of various development activities.




Maharashtra state consists of more than 44,000 villages spread over 35 districts in the State. The cadastral maps for these villages are prepared and maintained by Land Records Department. These maps are not geo-referenced, hence, cannot directly used with Satellite data for natural resources mapping, Planning and developement.

With the rapid advancement of modern technology, various techniques like Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry, Electronic Distance Measuring, Global Positioning System and Total Field Stations,etc are available for creating geo-referenced cadastral database.

MRSAC has adopted a remote sensing based approach as it is time, labour and cost effective and relatively accurate for the cadastral maps geo-referencing.

The geo-referenced cadastral maps are then consolidated by mosaicing and merging the outer boundaries of adjacent villages to have a seamless map on taluka, district or any desired administrative unit.

MRSAC has completed the Geo-referencing of Village Maps Project (GVMP) in respect of all revenue village maps of the Maharashtra State as per the Government Resolution No. MRS-5700/Pra Kra 94/Ka 1415 dated 3rd January, 2001



 MRSAC has designed and deviced a standard methodoly based on the availability of state of art in Remote sensing and GIS techniques.

The individual village maps have been-

  • Collected from Land Record Department,

  • Catalogued,

  • Scanned,

  • Vectorised/ Digitised to create -

  1. Geo-referenced with IRS-IC PAN data of 1998-99

  2. Village boundary edge matching and mosaic generation

The entire process has been followed as per the standards procedure and quality check laid down for assuring high Quality digital database.


Project Deliverables: 


  1. Geo-referenced Village maps database of Maharashtra State

  2. Digitised Village maps ( individual villages)




  • Land Record Department

  • Agriculture Department

  • Irrigation Department

  • Public Works Department

  • Police Department

  • Forest Department

  • Environment Department

  • Town Planning and Valuation Department

  • Urban Local Bodies

  • Soil and Water Conservation Department

  • Ground Water Survey and Development Department (GSDA)

  • Maharashtra Jivan Pradhikaran (MJP)

  • Various Central and State Research and Academic Institutes

  • Various Non-Government Organisations

Quantum of work: