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National Urban Information System (NUIS)


1. Develop spatial database and non-spatial (attribute) database for various levels of planning and decision support to meet requirements of urban planning and management and governance.

  • Enabling preparation of urban plans to meet the requirement of different levels of urban planning.
  • Creating a database at Urban Local Body (ULB) level for monitoring and management.
  • Use modern data sources such as Satellite and Aerial platforms to generate a comprehensive 3-tier hierarchical GIS database in the scales of 1:10,000 for Perspective Master Plan/Development and 1:2000 for Municipal/ Zonal plans and detailed Town Planning Schemes and 1:1000 for Utility / Infrastructure Planning.

2. Develop a model (pilot basis) for Utility mapping using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology.

3. Integrate conventional data sources with modern data sources to develop GIS databases.

4. Develop design standards for USIS and NUDB&I on methodology, database, data exchange format and protocols etc.

5. Develop suitable applications/automated integration techniques in GIS to provide inputs to Master/ Development/ Zonal Planning and Utilities management.

6. Create a town level (pilot basis) repository of urban database through National Urban Databank and Indicators (NUDBI), which would also enable to assist development of urban indicators and urban indices by the Local Urban Observatory (LUO) for National Urban Observatory (NUO).

7. Build capacity among town planning professionals at State and Local Body level for the use of modern data sources and GIS techniques.

8. Decentralize data generation, storage analysis and retrieval at various levels of urban planning.



The major objective of NUIS Scheme is to design, organize and establish a comprehensive information system in the urban local bodies for planning, management and decentralised governance listed in the 12th schedule in the context of implementation of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act (CAA) . 


 The steps can be broadly categorized under the heads:

(i) Data Inputs and Preparation

(ii) Administrative and Town Data

(iii) Thematic Data Preparation

(iv) GIS Database Creation

(v) Quality Checks and

(vi) Urban Spatial Information System and Outputs.

Project Deliverables: 


The geospatial database of both Primary themes (12 numbers) and Incorporated or attribute layers (4 numbers) at 1:10,000 scale were prepared.  These are as follows :

Primary Layers

1. Urban land use / cover

2. Physiography

3. Geomorphology

4. Geological Structures

5. Lithology

6. Soils

7. Drainage

8. Surface Waterbodies

9. Road

10. Rail

11. Canal

12. Transportation Nodes

Incorporated Layers

13. Administrative Boundaries

14. Forest Boundary

15. Settlement & Village Locations / Names

16. City / Town Boundaries



Ministry of Urban Development (MOD)

Urban Development Department

Town and Country Planning Organization (TCPO)

Town Planning and Valuation Department etc.

Quantum of work: 
Results and Project Outputs: 
NUIS Bhiwandiapplication/pdf icon(471.53 KB )
Results and Project Outputs: 
NUIS Bhiwandiapplication/pdf icon(1607.92 KB )
Results and Project Outputs: 
Results and Project Outputs: 
Aurangabad Soilapplication/pdf icon(3203.15 KB )
Results and Project Outputs: 
Thane Urban Landuseapplication/pdf icon(4988.47 KB )