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High Resolution data base mapping

Coastal Zone Mapping and Monitoring



  • Mapping & Monitoring the Coastal Zone
  • Vital /Critical Habitats - Mangroves

            Monitoring of the entire Indian coast at 1:25,000 scale, at an initial interval of ten years...

Quantum 2
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National Urban Information System (NUIS)

1. Develop spatial database and non-spatial (attribute) database for various levels of planning and decision support to meet requirements of urban planning and management and governance.

  • Enabling preparation of urban plans to meet...
Quantum 1 Sq./Km
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Creation of Large Scale Database (CLSD)

Digitisation and geo-referencing of city cadastral maps and preparation of urban land use map (feature extraction) for all the councils/corporations of Maharashtra State.

Geo-referencing of Village Map Project (GVMP)

Digitization and Geo-referencing of Village (Cadastral) Maps for effective utilization of natural resources and socio-economic database for planning, implementation and monitoring / impact assessment of various development activities....