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School Mapping

  • Mapping of Schools (Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary) in Maharashtra State.
  • Geo-Spatial Analysis for preparation of Master Plan for School Education.



School Education Department , Govt. of Maharashtra has decided to prepare Master Plan for  Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary Schools in the

The Master Plan aims to provide education to each school going child based on criteria -

  • Primary Education facility in 1 km vicinity.
  • Upper Primary Education  facility in 3 km vicinity.
  • Secondary Education facility  in 5 km vicinity.

The department envisaged to map all schools in the state ( more than 97,000) using freely available  high resolution satellite data and analyse it
under GIS environment, with the Village wise Geo-spatial data available with MRSAC, Nagpur and School wise information available with MPSP, Mumbai as well as with  District Level Education
Department Offices

MRSAC, Nagpur has provided techincal expertise in Geographic Information System to prepare Master Plan.

In 1st Phase, Master Plan has been prepared for Rural area of State


MRSAC has imparted training to the District Level Education Department Officials to -

  • Read / Understand High Resolution Satellite Data for feature identification.
  • Locate and Mark Schools in the Village / Cities, with data entry of Unique school Code.
  • Calculate Road distance from School to Nearest Village and  Mark it path using Satellite data and Vector drawing feature of GIS software.

MRSAC has carried out District wise GIS analysis of school locations and village location to

  • Carry  proximity  analayis ( Buffer Generation) for different categories of Schools
  • Provide List of Villages where new schools (Category wise - Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary) are required to Education Department for Verification and Validation.

MPSP, Mumbai and Directorate of Primary Education as well as Directorate of Secondary Eduation department, through its district level official have validated the GIS based results and worked out the Master Plan of School Education.

Project Deliverables: 

School locations in the state - More than 97,000 schools are marked.

Master Plan of School Education -

  • Primary Schools
  • Upper Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools

Web Application for Schools Mapping, giving details of schools, its location on High resolution Satellite Data.


Primary data base users -

  • School Education Department
  • Maharashtra Prathamik Shikshan Parishad
  • Rastriya Madhyamik Shikshan Abhiyan

Other  Likely users

  • Disaster Management Unit of State Govt.
  • State l Election Commission
  • Citizens


Quantum of work: 
schools locations
Project Photographs: 
School Mapping - Maharashtra State
School location link with MIS
Information attached with each school
Upper Primary school requirement analysis
School report card