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Road Information System (RIS)

The objectives of RIS project execution are as follows: Rectification  of  high  resolution satellite IRS-1C and IRS-1D PAN data covering entire Maharashtra state. Updation of  road network  of   Maharashtra  State on  1:50,000 scale using  high resolution satellite images. Feature coding (classification) of spatial data set (roads) as per PWD guidelines. Kilometer wise segmentation  of  updated  road network in...

Groundwater prospect mapping for Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission

The Government of India (Department of Drinking Water supply), through the Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission (RGNDWM) supplements the efforts of State Government to provide drinking water supply to rural habitations under the Accelerated Rural Water Supply Program (ARWP). As part of supplying the drinking water to these habitations, National Remote Sensing Centre, (NRSC), Department of Space, agreed to provide scientific database on drinking water sources (ground water sources) of...

Mapping of Land Degradation Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data in Maharashtra

Realizing the need for reliable information on degraded land, and the potential of space borne multi-spectral and multi-temporal data inventory and monitoring, land degradation mapping is taken up as part of Natural Resources (NR)  Census programme with the  following  objectives: To generate land degradation data base for the base year 2005-06 using three seasons (kharif, rabi, zaid) IRS LISS - III satellite data on 1:50,000 scale To create uniform digital data base for...

Delineation / Identification of Hilly Blocks and Hilly Sub-blocks under HADP for Maharashtra State

To evolve plans and programmes which would stimulate socio-economic growth, development of infrastructure and promotion of ecology of the areas covered by HADP. Conventional inputs used for the project: Survey of India Toposheets, Contour data, Slope maps and Geomorphology maps

Geo-referencing of Village Maps Project (GVMP) for Maharashtra State

Digitization and Geo-referencing of Village (Cadastral) Maps for effective utilization of natural resources and socio-economic database for planning, implementation and monitoring / impact assessment of  various development activities.