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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


Creation of Large-Scale Database-CLSD

    MRSAC has completed the task of Creation of Large-Scale Database in a GIS environment for urban areas of Maharashtra state using high-resolution satellite data. Earlier, the village cadastral database has been created for all the villages in the state.

    Project was formulated to overcome the challenges of the city survey sheets like the maps being on varied scales, lack of standard map symbology, lack of standard legend, missing coordinates or control grids etc. MRSAC as a geo-spatial solution provider formulated the project to geo-reference and fitting the city survey cadastral map sheets on very high resolution satellite data of Quick bird with 60 cm spatial resolution  and preparation of urban land use map (feature extraction) for all the councils/corporations of Maharashtra State involving 22 Corporations and 225 Councils with 35,000 city survey sheets.