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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre

     Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC), was set up by Government of Maharashtra, in 1988, under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as an Autonomous body under the administrative control of its Planning Department, to utilize and operationalize the use of space technology for managing and monitoring the natural resources of the State,  as well as the developments and changes in the urban society. From the humble beginning on  18thJanuary 1988, with a Small Laboratory premises near Department of Electrical Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, (V.N.I.T) (erstwhile VRCE) at Nagpur with four scientists, four technical and five supporting staff mostly on deputation,  a piece of land admeasuring 0.30 hectare, was allotted within the campus of V.N.I.T. (VRCE), Nagpur on lease basis for setting up an independent establishment. The Centre with aesthetic excellence in civil engineering, structurally sound, self-sufficient building was developed, and the Centre started functioning from this new edifice from August 1994.
     Centre is  forging ahead in disseminating geospatial data to the entire state; is contributing significantly in generating voluminous spatial databases on various themes from urban, industries, ecology and forest, rivers, drainages, waterbodies, agriculture, geology, geomorphology etc.  for Maharashtra, from small scale through to very large scale. MRSAC guides users and user departments, with geospatial solution through the use of remote sensing datasets and GIS, and decision support system. MRSAC is playing a pivotal role in making state-of-art remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, Mobile and Web based hosting of maps on  internet  for use in the G2G (Govt. to Govt.). MRSAC has the ambitious plan of making the data available on G2C (Govt. to Citizen) domain. The huge repository of thematic database on  various scales follow the Maharashtra Geo-database Design Standards and are uploaded with proper topology, domain structure and migrated to the ambitious ‘State Data Centre’ (SDC) of Government of Maharashtra, as digital web data services. The Centre envisages to serve the data on web to the various line departments, for multiple queries, analysis; etc. and updating can be done at the client side (line department) and once authenticated, shall be hosted on the web. This ensure that data redundancy is eliminated and only one  unique data set is used by the various departments of Government,  for various applications; making decisions easier, viable, timesaving transparent and effective.
     MRSAC, works in tandem with the Planning Department, GOM, and has further established two more centres at Mumbai (2013) and Pune (2014) for smooth functioning and timely decisions in the various projects of the state. MRSAC is also providing soft skill training and capacity-building to various Government officials, Administrators, NGO’s and students from various universities.
     MRSAC is taking every effort to empower the state with scientific inputs, through the latest technologies; using the rich and wide-ranging digital database, on various themes. Today, MRSAC is recognized as one of the best centers in Natural Resource Monitoring and Management, coupled with GIS and re-affirms its commitment towards a better, transparent, vibrant and implementable e- Governed Maharashtra.


    The creation of National GIS, as spelled out by the Planning Commission, Government of India, in the twelfth Five Year Plan 2012-17, envisages a GIS Decision Support Tool based on latest satellite data of very high resolution of 30 -50 cm for effective and transparent planning leading to better e-governance.
    MRSAC has pro-actively taken up the challenge to create a very high resolution database on various themes for Maharashtra and the Govt. of Maharashtra  has entrusted this prestigious project to MRSAC with a GR (San. No. 1015/ Pra. Kra. 129/Ka. 1426) dated 28 April 2016. The GR states that MRSAC shall be  the Nodal Agency for Geo-spatial Activities of the State with a mandate to establish a Maharashtra Geo-spatial Database System (MahaBHUMI) to use remote sensing, GIS, GPS, Satellite Photogrammetry, RADAR, LiDAR for various sectors for creation of a complete thematic database for good e-governance.


  • Efforts for Better E-governance
  • Resources Mapping , Monitoring and Management
  • Transparency in Government work
  • Ease-of-doing business
  • Ease-of-working
  • Use of  new technology like Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), LiDAR, 3 D Mapping for advanced  survey and mapping
  • Mapping of Urban Local Bodies, Municipalities and Councils, Gram Panchayats
  • Infrastructure Mapping (AM/FM)
  • Hydrologic applications
  • Agricultural applications like crop acreage and  production forecast, drought forecast, compensation and crop insurance  etc.,
  • Asset Mapping using mobile for transport, industries, soil and water conservation,  irrigation, water  supply and sanitation, ports,  schools, health etc.
  • Ecological Applications and Forestry
  • Coastal Mapping and Management
  • Archeological and heritage site mapping and conservation
  • Alert generation through geo-fencing on mobile for monitoring the events in Govt. departments
  • Serving maps on web and dedicated customised applications for various departments
  • Solutions in G2G environment and G2C applications
  • Knowledge sharing  in geo-spatial activities with other states and Central Government
  • Disaster Mapping and Monitoring, Decision Support System
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घरोघरी तिरंगा

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Capacity Building

  • Training to officials of Line Departments of Govt. of Maharashtra
  • Training to the faculty members of Universities and Colleges in Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Delivering invited talks/lectures at Univeristies, Academy staff colleges and other institutions for the promotion of the technology in the state
  • Visits of faculty members of the academic institutions
  • Visits of School and college students for various lectures and visit to institutions
  • Participation in various National and State level exhibition like IISF, Lucknow, 2018, Krishi Vasant 2017, National Geo-Spatial Forum 2016-17 etc. 
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