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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


  • Q1- What MRSAC stands for ?
    A1 Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre.
  •  Q2- How to get Satellite data from MRSAC?
     A 2 - MRSAC do not supply Satellite data to the user and follows Remote Sensing Data   Policy (RSDP) of ISRO/DOS, Government of India. Satellite data could be obtained   from   National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Hyderabad. For further details, Visit   the website .
  •  Q3- What services/ expertise are offered by MRSAC?
    A 3– MRSAC offers following services/ expertise in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System technology – · Resources Mapping and monitoring – Land and Agriculture ; Soil, Forest ; Surface and Ground Water; Coastal Area, etc… · Infrastructure and Facility mapping in Urban and Rural Areas. · Development of desktop and Web based applications, specifically Geo-spatial information System. · Integrated projects – Central and State sponsored for Land and Water resources development. · Management and Maintenance of Geo-spatial data bases. · Training to user departments, as per need of user department and students as a part of their curriculum training.

  • Q4- What are the charges of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System projects?
    A 4 – The charges for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System projects are worked out on project to project basis. It depends on the quantum of work, type of Satellite data required, usage of Remote Sensing and GIS software in project and Technical expertise required to carry out project.

  • Q5- How to execute RS/GIS project at MRSAC?
    A 5– For execution of RS/GIS project, the user need to forward the requirements to the Director, MRSAC, Nagpur. A technical team will evaluate the requirement and prepare a project proposal for you. Once, it is approved and fund is received in MRSAC, the project will be executed as per time schedule given in the project proposal.

  • Q6- How to get information already available with MRSAC for completed projects?
    A 6– MRSAC carryout projects exclusively for clients. The information generated in different projects is a property of the Clients and thus will not be shared directly by MRSAC to any third party, unless it is officially allowed by Client. Therefore, Interested third parties need to contact to the Clients for required information. The charges for information will be worked out in consultation with the Client.

    Q7- How does MRSAC gives training in RS & GIS?
    A 7 MRSAC does not conduct regular training courses for individual or any organization. However, on specific request of User agency & considering the need of the user, the training programs are designed and conducted on payment basis. The interested User may contact the Director, MRSAC for training on RS & GIS.

  • Q8- Are students allowed to work at MRSAC?
    A8 Yes, Students are allowed to work as a trainee student, as a part of their partial fulfillment of the degree course (dissertation) such as MCA, B. Tech (Computer Science, Electronics), M Sc( Remote Sensing, Agriculture Engineering), M.Sc Geo-environment, Earth Science, etc. Interested Student / College should write to MRSAC. The students are required to work for duration of 3 to 6 months. No payment/ stipend is given to trainee student.

  • Q9- How to contact MRSAC ?
    A 9 Please see Contact Us web link.