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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre

DRONE / UAV lab activities at MRSAC

MRSAC, Nagpur Is the nodal agency in Maharashtra for the Remote Sensing and GIS domain since 1988. MRSAC has created a niche space for analyzing the natural resources of the state using the advance Geospatial technology tools. The ever-increasing resolutions in spatial and radiometric parameters have been aptly utilized for improving the databases for better decision support tools generation.

MRSAC has kept pace with the rapidly evolving technology of DRONE / UAV / UAS and has established a UAV / LiDAR lab at its Nagpur HQ. The lab caters in carrying out the technology establishment and preparation of the standard guidelines for proper utilization of the technology for the benefit of the state machinery.

Various type area projects have been executed through the UAV / LiDAR lab for generation of the Standard Operating Procedures using the in-house DRONE containing RGB Sensor with 20 MP camera. MRSAC has empaneled few companies having larger endurance DRONES for executing the DRONE surveys based on the guidelines established as a Standard Operating Procedure.

Few important outputs generated with the DRONE technology contains the deliverables namely Orthophoto with approximately 3cm GSD / Resolution, Point Cloud, Digital Terrain Model, Digital Surface Model, 3D Mesh Model and Rendered Texture Photorealistic Virtual Reality Walkthrough.

The Video Gallery provides the showreels of the Type-Area outputs generated by MRSAC with inhouse DRONE.

  1. Point Cloud 3D View MRSAC Building
  2. Village Settlement Umargaon Village
  3. Rendered Textured model Umargaon Village
  4. Hingana Village Road Geotag Video
  5. DAM and Canal
  6. Ambagad-Fort_View

All the above Type-Area activities are showreels indicating the potential of the DRONE technology introduction in the multidimensional resources analysis and that too on a very high resolution of 3 cm GSD along with the 3D perspectives.