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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


Line Departments  test

  • Trainings in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS to various line department officers so as to make use of the technology in their planning process
  • Training to working level staff of the line departments for GIS works
  • Training on use of the maps supplied by MRSAC for various developmental works

Educational Institutions

  • Training the faculty members of Universities and Colleges in Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Delivering invited lecture at Univeristies, Academy staff college and other institutions for the promotion of the technology in the state
  • Visits of faculty members of the academic institutions


  • Technological overview training for students of Universities and Engineering colleges
  • Industrial/Organisational visits of students to the centre to understand the practical aspects of Remote Sensing and  GIS applications and also the opportunies of software development in these fields. Last working day - 2nd half of every month has been alloted for students visit. Any request for visit can be routed to our mail id
  • Six month project trainings for MCA, B Tech (Computer Science/IT), MSc/ MS (Geoinformatics) students, to undertake software project at MRSAC
  • 10month- 1year project trainings for M Tech in various disciplines to undertake projects in Remote Sensing Applications and software development

Customized Training

  • Training on preparation of DPR for watersheds
  • Training to the staff of the agriculture department for using the MRSAC generated maps for their field work and development