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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


MRSAC provides –

  1. Expertise to address the utility of spatial information technologies in different themes of natural resources & environment
  2. Reliable, cost & time effective Consultancy in Geo-spatial domain using latest state of art in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for planning and decision making in various sectors

The expertise and strength of MRSAC lies in –

Resources Mapping, Management and Monitoring –

  • Natural Resources Mapping – Land use/Land cover, Soil, Geo-morphology, Hydro-geomorphology, Geology, etc... using different satellites
  •  Crop Mapping & Monitoring
  •  Crop Damage Assessment Studies
  • Command Area Mapping & Monitoring
  • Change Detection Studies
  • Integrated Analysis of Natural Resources
  • Watershed Action Plan Generation
  • Disaster Management Studies
  • Coastal Area Mapping & Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA)
  • Rural (Cadastral / Village level) and Urban ( City survey level ) Database Creation & Monitoring
  • Infrastructural Planning [Amenities Management (AM) / Facilities Management (FM)]
  • Multi-mission Remote Sensing Projects Execution for State Govt., Central Govt., N.G.Os.
  • User Specific Projects Execution
  • Integrated Survey using Satellite data and GPS

Geo-spatial Software Customisation -

  • Development of Decision Support systems – Revenue, Forest, Agriculture, Irrigation, Police, Education, Health, etc
  • Development of Geo-spatial Web Portals – Using COTS and Open Source Software.

Capacity Building –

  • Training to User Departments on RS/GIS
  • Establishment of RS/GIS cells for User Departments