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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


GIS Based Asset Mapping, Monitoring and Management System (MahaURJA) for MEDA, Maharashtra State

    Realizing the importance of the GIS database for mapping, monitoring and management solar systems in the State of Maharashtra, Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) which is a State Nodal Agency for renewable energy, interacted with MRSAC to develop the GIS based Asset Mapping, Monitoring and Management System (MahaURJA) for the rural areas of the state.

                The main objective of the project is to generate database of the solar systems installed under different government programs in villages of Maharashtra state with the system parameters along with Geo-tagging. This project also envisages creating and maintaining system for grievance redressal by virtue of using mobile app and geospatial technologies. It includes web geo-portal for report generation and capacity building of the users for field survey and use of applications developed by MRSAC. The department intends to use android mobile based applications for mapping existing solar assets and planned activities through handholding and capacity building of village level functionaries on mission mode.