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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


Health GIS

    Public Health Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, took firm stride to analyze the regional imbalances of health care services to cater rural population in particular. In view of optimizing the health services in the state and to achieve the harmonized regional balance in terms of catering healthy live being, following objectives are set forth.

    Objectives of Health GIS

    • Mapping of existing health facilities in all districts of Maharashtra
    • GIS analysis based on Population and Distance criteria between Health centers.
    • Porting of GIS database on GIS Server and develop browser based application for Health Dept.
    • Linking of GIS database  (spatial  data) with att ribute  data (non-spatial data)  of health Dept.
    • Assist the  Health Department in Perspective Planning and as Decision Support System.
    • Assistance during disasters and natural calamities.
    • Mapping, analysis and monitoring of various districts into disease prone areas e.g. Malaria Prone.