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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


Implementation of Integrated Enterprise Geographical Information System (GIS) for CIDCO

    CIDCO (City and Industrial Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.) is a premier Town Development Authority. CIDCO was set up by the Government of Maharashtra as its fully owned company to plan and develop Navi Mumbai in a systematic manner.

    CIDCO is a self-sustaining organization, which gets its revenues mainly from sale of lands and built-up units for different use such as residential, commercial, industrial, etc.

    As specified above, the various department viz. Land & Survey department, Planning Department, Transportation department, Engineering Department (for utility management of Water Supply, Electricity, Sewage, Storm water, Gas etc.), Town Services (Estate)  department, Marketing Department, Social facilities department, Accounts and Legal Department, of CIDCO maintains and manages different records and all need to be integrated as one database. This exercise is required for linking all MIS and GIS data and brings them under the same platform so that the various databases of GIS, ERP, Estate and Legal can be viewed together and analyzed. Such process will facilitate the online viewing, querying, managing and updating all information over the internet platform.

    Under this project CIDCO intends to generate the geo-spatial data which would be helpful for the stakeholders’ planners and designers in decision making. Realizing this, CIDCO has approached and requested Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre (MRSAC) Nagpur, an autonomous body under Planning Department, Government of Maharashtra, to generate the Remote Sensing and GIS database for the agency and integrate them with the ERP/SAP system under web environment.