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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


Mapping of mahagenco estate for koradi & khaperkheda thermal power stations,nagpur district, maharashtra state by using vhr satellite data

    Electricity is the most desired and mandatory resource for development of economy. Maharashtra is blessed with lot of Fossil fuel resources in abundance. This has led to development of coal mines in the Vidarbha area in particular, situated on the Gondwanas supergroup of rocks.  The utilizations of coal for Thermal power generation are carried out by MAHAGENCO in its 7 Thermal Power Stations spread over multiple locations in the State of Maharashtra. Koradi & Khaperkheda Thermal Power Stations situated in Kamthi, Saoner, Parseoni and Nagpur Rural taluka of Nagpur district, Maharashtra state.


    However, with the increasing day-by-day demand of electricity and limited natural space, a pressure is mounting towards conservative use of the available land of MAHAGENCO. Similarly alternative energy usage ideas and concepts are picking up fast on day-to-day basis. The abundantly available resource of ASH, which is the byproduct of Thermal energy generation, was a waste till date. However with the alternative thinking process and upcoming ideas of utilization of all the resources available at the disposal, has made it as useful utility. Development of ASH BASED PROCUCT CLUSTERS is an innovative idea which has picked up in recent times. In line, MAHAGENCO &MAHAGAMS have come up with mapping of its estate and make judicious use of its available land resources. Hence, MRSAC has been requested to help by mapping their property.