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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


National Land Use Land Cover Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data (3rd Cycle)-2015-16

    Land use and land cover is an important component to understand global land status; it shows present as well as past status of the earth surface. Nowadays, land use land cover analysis plays an important role in the field of environmental science and natural resource management. The Land cover reflects the biophysical of state of the earth’s surface and immediate surface, including the soil material, vegetation and water. Land use refers to utilization of land resources by human beings and land cover changes often reflects the most significant impact on environment due to excessive human activities. Land use and land cover is dynamic in nature and provides a comprehensive understanding of the interaction and relationship of anthropogenic activities with the environment. Land use/cover changes also involve the modification, either direct or indirect, of a natural habitat and their impact on the ecology of the area. Land use/cover change has become a central component in current strategies for managing natural resource and monitoring environmental changes. Land use/cover pattern of a region gives information about the natural and socio-economic factors, human livelihood and development. Like other resources, land resource is also delimiting due to very high demand of agricultural products and increasing population pressure day by day. Hence, information of land use/cover and possibilities of their optimal use is essential for the selection, planning and implementation of the land use schemes to meet the increasing human needs and welfare. This also provides the information for managing dynamics of land use and meeting the demands of increasing human population.