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Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre


Prediction of water scarcity zones & droughts using decision support tool (dss) on webgis for maharashtra state

    Groundwater Surveys & Development Agency (GSDA) with the joint efforts of UNICEF, Mumbai, IRAP, Hyderabad and MRSAC, Nagpur has successfully completed a pilot project for predicting drinking water scarcity and drought in Jiwati taluka of Chandrapur district in the year 2015. As a part of project activity, web based decision support tool - "Mahabhujalvedh", designed and developed by MRSAC, under the guidance of GSDA.   The application was based on real time monitoring of rainfall and groundwater levels in the taluka provided weekly by the department. Based on the above, GSDA approached MRSAC for upscaling the project for entire Maharashtra under Jalswarajya II program and UNICEF support.